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Article name Issue
A case of rabies in a dog imported to Spain from Morocco in June 2013. Temporary loss of rabies free Certificate 2013_2
Rabies in northern Greece 2013_1
Bernadette Abela-Ridder now responsible for rabies at WHO 2013_1
WHO Expert Consultation on Rabies – Second report available 2013_1
Rabies cases detected in Slovak Republic 2013_1
A One Health Model for elimination of canine-mediated human rabies in Bohol Philippines 2012_4
Announcement: 2nd edition of the book on Dogs, Zoonoses and Public Health 2012_4
Imported Human Rabies Case in Switzerland, 2012 2012_3
World Health Organization (WHO) International Expert Consultation on rabies in Geneva 2012_3
Rabies in Jordan 2012_2
Lyssavirus Sequence Database 2012_2
Advocating for Rabies Control 2012_1
Obituary: Jim Cox 2012_1
Rabies Monitoring and Surveillance Programme in Greece 2011_4
Updates on the diversity of the Lyssavirus genus 2011_4
Global Conference on Rabies Control: Towards Sustainable Prevention at the Source 2011_3
Case report: illegal puppy trade and transport, Germany 2011_3
Human Rabies in a Romanian boy – an ante mortem case study 2011_2
Review of the analysis related to rabies diagnosis and followup of oral vaccination performed in NRLs in 2010 2011_2
The European Union strategy for external cooperation with neighbouring countries on rabies control 2011_1
Bat rabies surveillance in Finland 2011_1
Rabies outbreak in Małopolskie voivodship in Poland 2010_4
Third European workshop for rabies and implementation of the EU-RL website 2010_4
Passive and Targeted Surveillance for European Bat Lyssavirus in Swiss Bats 2010_3
Development of a Blueprint for Rabies Prevention and Control 2010_3
Rabies in Bavaria (Germany) in an imported puppy from Bosnia-Herzegovina 2010_2
Development of harmonised schemes for monitoring and reporting of rabies in animals in the European Union 2010_2
Non-travel-related monkey bites in Marseille, France 2010_1
Tracking the Infection in Real Time in a Fatal Case of Human Rabies 2010_1
A fatal case of bat lyssavirus infection in Primorye Territory of the Russian Far East 2009_4
WHO Rabies Bulletin Europe - website updated 2009_4
Bites of a rabid wolf in 67-old man in north-eastern part of Croatia 2009_3
Letter regarding the article “Oral Rabies Vaccination (ORV) campaigns in jeopardy!?” 2009_3
Rabies exposure due to an illegally imported dog in Germany 2009_2
Targeted rabies surveillance in wild carnivores in Albania 2009_2
Update on fox rabies in Italy and Slovenia 2009_1
Oral Rabies Vaccination (ORV) campaigns in jeopardy!? 2009_1
George M. Baer, MPH, DVM, 1936-2009 2009_1
First description of European bat lyssavirus spill-overs to domestic cats in France and in Europe 2008_4
Rabies in a juvenile dog imported into the UK from Sri Lanka 2008_3
Austria and Germany declared “free from terrestrial rabies” 2008_3
Designation of the Community Reference Laboratory for Rabies 2008_2
Isolation of European bat lyssavirus type 2 (EBLV-2) in a Daubenton’s bat in the UK with a minimum incubation period of 9 months 2008_2
Two cases of imported canine rabies in the Brussels area within six months time 2008_1
Rabies control in far eastern Russian Ussuriysk region 2008_1
Fatal case of human rabies (Duvenhage virus) from a bat in Kenya: the Netherlands, December 2007 2007_4
Rabies surveillance in Europe, 2004-2007 2007_4
EBLV-2 infection confirmed in a Daubenton’s bat in Germany 2007_3
Announcement - New Rabies vaccines WHO position paper published 2007_3
World Rabies Day - a huge success 2007_3
Eurobats Agreement 2007_2
Complex rabies post-exposure prophylactic treatment after severe wolf bites in Belarus 2007_2
Human Rabies in Europe in the 1st quarter 2007 – case studies 2007_1
Rabies in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2004-2006 2007_1
Thirty years of Rabies Bulletin Europe-a reflection 2007_1
Rabies in Belarus 2006_4
Epidemiology of fox rabies in the Kyrgyz Republic 2006_3
Introduction to the Joint OIE/WHO/EU International Conference: Towards the Elimination of Rabies in Eurasia, Paris, May 2007 2006_3
Announcement: 1st World Rabies Day - September 8, 2007 2006_3
Human rabies case caused from a bat bite in Ukraine 2005_3
Rabies Infections in Organ Donor and Transplant Recipients in Germany (2005) 2005_3
Is there evidence supporting an independent transmission cycle amongst foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in western Turkey? 2005_2
MED-VET-NET. A European network of Excellence 2005_2
First International Conference “Rabies in Europe”, Kiev, Ukraine, 15-18 June 2005 – Conclusions and Recommendations 2005_1
Elimination of Rabies in the Czech Republic by Oral Vaccination of Foxes 2005_1
Beyond the figures – A case of rabies in a dog imported to Gironde from Morocco in August 2004 2004_4
The oral vaccination of foxes against rabies. Vaccination strategy (second part) 2004_4
The oral vaccination of foxes against rabies, vaccination strategy (first part) 2004_3
Recovery of a patient from clinical rabies in the USA. A case report 2004_3
Book review 2004_3
The oral vaccination of foxes against rabies 2004_2
Fox rabies in Carinthia, Austria: A case report 2004_2
First announcement: International conference „Rabies in Europe“ Kiev, Ukraine, December 7th-9th, 2004 2003_4
Introduction of an information leaflet on bat rabies and bat conservation 2003_4
Rabies in a puppy in Nyon, Switzerland 2003_3
Behavioural observations in some rabid bats 2003_3
Announcement: European Workshop on Bat Rabies 2003_3
Documenting freedom from rabies and minimising the risk of rabies being re-introduced to Finland 2003_2
Comparing European strategies for oral vaccination of foxes against rabies using an area index 2003_2
Recognition Dr. W.W. Müller and Dr. J. H. Cox 2003_1
European interlaboratory F.A.T. comparison test 2001 2003_1
New Lyssavirus Genotype from the Lesser Mouse-eared Bat (Myotis blythi), Kyrghyzstan 2003_1
Rabies Situation and Rabies Control in the Czech Republic 2000 - 2002 2002_4
First Isolation of a European Bat Lyssavirus type-2a from a Human Case of Rabies-Encephalitis in the United Kingdom 2002_4
Summarizing the Rabies Situation in Europe 1990 - 2002 from the Rabies Bulletin Europe 2002_4
Epidemiological Features and Rabies Control within the Territory of the Ukraine 2002_3
Identification of a European Bat Lyssavirus type 2 in a Daubenton's bat (Myotis daubentoni) in the United Kingdom 2002_3
Human Rabies Case in Iowa, USA, 2002 2002_3
Rabies in Greenland, 1975 - 2001 2002_2
A New Case of European Bat Lyssavirus (EBL) Infection in Danish Sheep 2002_2
Rabies Bulletin Europe - New Conceptions 2002_2
Arthur King in Memoriam 2002_1
The Reinfection of Rabies of Kärnten (Carinthia) in Austria - the run of Events 2002_1
Rabies-free - as Understood by WHO and OIE 2002_1
Current Strategy for Human Rabies Vaccination and WHO position 2002_1
WHO Meeting of Rabies Control in Middle and East European Countries, September 25 -27, 2002, Kosice, Slovakia 2002_1
European Bat Lyssavirus Infection in Spanish Bat Populations 2001_4
Rabies Vaccines 2001_4
Rabies in a Vaccinated Dog Imported from Azerbaijan to Germany 2001_4
Projected Change in Editorship of the Rabies Bulletin Europe (RBE) 2001_4
Infection of a Stone Marten with European Bat Lyssa Virus (EBL1) 2001_3
A Puppy Illegally Imported from Morocco Brings Rabies to France 2001_3
Two more Countries rabies-free in Europe - the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Belgium 2001_2
Two imported Human Rabies Cases in the United Kingdom 2001_2
Spread of Rabies in the South of Europe 2001_2
Case History: Human Rabies Exposure in Connection with an Asian Trip 2001_1
Imported Human Rabies Case - Sweden 2001_1
Epidemiological Characteristics of Rabies Virus Variants in Dogs and Cats in the United States, 1999 2001_1
Detailed Addresses as an Improved Service for the Reader of the RBE 2001_1
Review of Reported Rabies Cases in Europe to the WHO Collaborating Centre Tübingen from 1977 - 2000  2000_4
Unexpected Outbreak of Rabies in a Previously Rabies-free  Area of the Czech Republic 2000_4
Human Rabies Cases - U.S.A. and Canada in the Year 2000 2000_3
Disease Surveillance - with Special Emphasis on Rabies 2000_2
Rabies in Europe - Epidemiological Cycles and the Impact of Oral Vaccination of Foxes 2000_1
OIE Information - An Update on Zoonoses 2000_1
INFORMATION - Note of the Editors on the Internet Version of this RABIES BULLETIN EUROPE (RBE) 2000_1
Information - RABIES BULLETIN EUROPE Online 1999_4
Mass Treatment of Humans Who Drank Unpasteurized Milk from Rabid Cows - Massachusetts, 1996 - 1998 1999_4
Summary of Rabies in the Russian Federation - Particularities of the Present Situation 1999_4
World Survey of Rabies, 1997 1999_3
Effect of Oral Immunization against Rabies on the Red Fox Population in Hungary 1999_3
Rabies-free Area - Epidemiological Definitions 1999_2
United Kingdom (UK) - Quarantine for Rabies and Intended New PET TRAVEL SCHEME 1999_2
Rabies Surveillance in Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein - 01 January 1997 - 28 February 1999 1999_1
Human Rabies - Virginia, USA, 1998 1999_1
Review of Reported Rabies Case Data in Europe to the WHO Collaborating Centre Tübingen from 1977 to 1998 1998_4
Animated Visualisation of the Rabies Epizootic in Europe since 1977 1998_4
Handling of Bat Rabies in the USA 1998_4
Evidence of Freedom from Rabies in Albania 1998_3
Fellowship 1998_3
Information on the WHO Conference on Rabies Control and Oral Immunization of Red Foxes against Rabies in Central and Eastern Europe - with the Participation of the Office International des Epizooties - OIE 1998_3
Increased Vaccine Bait Application after Failure of Oral Vaccine of Foxes against Rabies - an Experience in Baden-Württemberg, Germany 1998_2
A Rabid Dog in the South of France 1998_2
Global timely access to country related data on rabies diagnosis, prevention and control 1998_1
How to do the wrong thing with the highest possible precision - a reflection on the use of GPS in rabies vaccination campaigns 1997_4
Imported human rabies cases in France 1997_4
Frequency of imported Dogs Incubating Rabies in Europe 1997_3
Rabies Post-Exposure Treatment in Croatia 1996 1997_3
Set a Thief to Catch a Thief: Tailored Rhabdoviruses Fight HIV 1997_3
Rabies and Suspected Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease (CJD) - Human Rabies in Montana and Washington, U.S.A., 1997 1997_2
WHO Recommendations on Rabies - Post-Exposure Treatment and the Correct Technique of Intradermal Immunization against Rabies 1997_2
Report of the 3rd International Symposium on Rabies in Asia 1997_1
Oral Vaccination (OV) of Dogs against Rabies - Studies in Turkey to Combine this Technique with the Traditional Method of Parenteral
Vaccination if Indicated , to Reach a Better Overall Vaccination Coverage
Review of Reported Rabies Case Data in Europe to the WHO Collaborating Centre Tübingen from 1977 to 1996 1996_4
Information on Topics of Four Recent Rabies Meetings 1996_4
New Lyssavirus in Fruit Bats In Australia 1996_3
Imported Human Rabies Case in Germany 1996_2
New WHO Publication: Laboratory Techniques in Rabies 1996_2
A Descriptive and Estimative Study of the Dog Population in Istanbul, Turkey 1996_2
Fox Population Density, Rabies, and Oral Vaccination - a Mathematical Model by D. Schenzle 1996_1
Imported Dog Rabies Case in Düsseldorf in 1995 - Follow-up Cases of the Pediatric Patients 1996_1
Cross Border Cooperation on Oral Vaccination of Foxes against Rabies - Western Europe 1996_1
An Adapted Concept for the Elimination of Sylvatic Rabies in Switzerland 1995_4
Rabies in a Puppy - South Dakota, 1995 1995_4
Rabies in Poland from 1990 to 1994 and the Effect of Oral Vaccination of Foxes Practiced since 1993 1995_3
Slovenia, the Country Presently with the Highest Incidence of Rabies Along the Border of the European Union 1995_3
Imported Dog Rabies Case in Germany 1995_2
Human Rabies Possibly of Bat Origin - Washington, U.S.A. 1995_2
Rabies in Latvia in 1994 1995_1
Rabies in Bulgaria from 1984 - 1994 1995_1
Oral Vaccination and High Density Fox Populations 1995_1
Human Rabies in Hungary 1994_4
Review of Reported Rabies Case Data in Europe to the WHO Collaborating Centre Tübingen from 1977 to 1994 1994_4
Two Rabies Cases Following Corneal Transplantation in the Islamic Republic of Iran 1994_3
First Case of Bat Rabies in the Czech Republic 1994_3
Rabies in Bats - Natural History and Public Health Implications 1994_3
Genetic Engineering of Infectious Rabies Virus 1994_3
Rabies Control In Baltic Countries 1994_2
Reinfection and Residual Foci In Connection to Rabies and Oral Vaccination of Foxes against Rabies 1994_2
Lethal Infection Caused by a Cowpox-like Virus In an lmmunosuppressed Young Man 1994_2
Human Rabies- California, 1994 1994_1
Oral Immunization of Foxes In Europe-Computer Software 1994_1
New Regulations for Transfer of Dogs and Cats from and to Sweden and Norway 1993_4
Bat Rabies Surveillance In Italy 1993_4
Intradermal Rabies Vacclnes for Human Post-Exposure Treatment 1993_4
Cross-Border Cooperation on Oral Vaccination of Foxes against Rabies In Europe 1993_4
Animal Sources of Rabies Infection and their Effect on the Epidemiological Rabies Situation In Poland 1993_3
Human Rabies- New York, 1993 1993_3
Development of Animal Rabies In the U.S.A. 1955 to 1992 1993_3
Computer Software Package to be Used In Veterinary Public Health 1993_3
Cordon Vaccination to Keep a Country or Parts of them Rabies-free, Threatened by Fox Mediated Rabies 1993_3
Rabies Surveillance and Preventional Measures in Romania 1983-1992 1993_2
Human Rabies-Guide for Post-exposure Treatment 1993_2
Information 1993_1
Oral Vaccination of Wild Animals against Rabies as Practiced In Lithuania 1993_1
Rabies in Moldavia in 1992 1993_1
Human Rabies Cases in Estland 1992_4
Extension of the Raccoon Rabies Epizootic, U.S.A., 1992 1992_4
Review of Reported Rabies Cases 1977-1992 1992_4
Information on recent WHO publications 1992_3
First Case of Rabies in a Bat In Switzerland 1992_3
Oral Vaccination of Foxes In Europe, 1992 1992_3
A Case of Imported Human Rabies in France 1992_2
Human Case- California, United States, 1992 1992_2
Control of Fox Rabies by Oral Immunization in the Czech Republic 1992_2
Report on Rabies in Latvia for the Year 1991 1992_2
Rabies Postexposure Treatment In Croatla, 1991 1992_1
Annual Report on Rabies of France In 1991 1992_1
Rabies Data of Lithuania In 1991 1992_1
Human Rabies In the European Part of Russia, 1991 1992_1
Fatal Human Rabies - Despite of Treatment 1991_4
Wildlife Rabies in Oman and the United Arab Emirates 1991_4
Human Rabies - Texas, Arkansas and Georgia, 1991 1991_3
New Areas of Oral Fox Vaccination In Europe, 1991 1991_3
Antlgenlc Variant of Fox Rabies in Eastern Europe 1991_3
Human Rabies - Texas 1990 1991_2
Urban Foxes and Rabies Contingency Planning in Great Britain 1991_2
Epidemiological Information Systems 1991_1
The Implications of the Channel Tunnel for the United Kingdom's Freedom from Rabies 1991_1
Imported Human Rabies -France- 1991_1
Review of Rabies Case Data, 1977-1990 1990_4
Human Rabies Case In Slovakia, 1990 1990_4
Report on Seminar of Wildlife Rabies Control, Part 2 1990_4
Rabies In the USSR, 1989 1990_3
New Areas of Oral Fox Vaccination, Europe, 1990 1990_3
Report on Seminar of Wildlife Rabies Control 1990_3
Surveillance of Wildlife Rabies in Europe 1990_2
WHO Consultation on Monoclonal Antibody, 1990 1990_2
Human Rabies Case in the German Democratic Republic 1990_2
Characterization of virus strains from USSR 1990_1
Bat viruses in the USSR 1990_1
Book review 1990_1
Bat Rabies Surveillance In Europe 1989_4
Imported Human Rabies Case In Yugoslavia 1989_4
Imported Dog Rabies Case In Italy 1989_4
Foxes adjust to Urban Habitat 1989_4
Two Bats Diagnosed Rabid in France 1989_3
Observations on the Course of a Bat Rabies Case in the Federal Republic of Germany (DEU) 1989_3
New Areas of Oral Fox Vaccinations in Europe, 1989 1989_3
Rabies Surveillance, United States of America, 1988 1989_3
A Field Trial on Oral Immunization of Raccoon Dogs and Foxes against Rabies in Finland 1988-1989 1989_2
WHO Recommendations on Oral Rabies Vaccines 1989_2
Human Rabies Prophylaxis 1989_2
European Community (EC) Supports Oral Vaccination 1989_2
Information on International Symposium 1989_1
Human Rabies - Oregon, U.S.A. 1989 1989_1
WHO Recommendations - Rabies Treatment 1989_1
Information 1988_4
Review of Reported Rabies Case Data in Europe to the WHO Collaborating Centre, Tübingen from 1977 to 1988 1988_4
Rabies Virus Strain Characterization with Monoclonal Antibodies 1988_4
Human Rabies Exposure in European Countries 1988_3
Areas of Oral Fox Vaccination against Rabies in Europe 1988_3
Imported Human Rabies - Australia, 1987 1988_2
Dog Rabies Control 1988_2
WHO-Information 1988_1
Rabies in Finland after nearly 30 Years 1988_1
Difficulties in the Intra-Vitam Laboratory Diagnosis of Human Rabies - A Recent Case Report in France 1988_1
Human Rabies - California/USA, 1987 1988_1
Review of Rabies Case Data in Europe from 1977-1987 'OTHER ANIMAL SPECIES' 1987_4
Bat-Rabies in Canada: History, Epidemiology and Prevention 1987_4
Urban and Sylvatic Rabies in Yugoslavia 1987_4
Bat-Rabies in the Netherlands 1987_3
Human Rabies Despite Treatment with Rabies Immune Globuline and Human Diploid Cell Rabies Vaccine - Thailand 1987_3
Value of Pre-Exposure Rabies Human Diploid Cell Vaccine for Individuals Living in Areas Hyperendemic for Rabies 1987_3
Field Trial Areas of Oral Fox Vaccination against Rabies in Europe 1987_3
Information on Two Conferences 1987_2
Fatal Rabies Encephalitis Despite Appropriate Post-Exposure Prophylaxis 1987_2
Immune Response to a Vaccinia Virus Recombinant Expressing the Rabies Virus Glycoprotein 1987_2
Rabies Surveillance in the United States of America and Mexico - Annual Summary 1985 1987_1
Extension of Field Trials on Oral Immunisation of Foxes in Europe in 1987 1987_1
Review of to the WHO Collaborating Centre, Tübingen, Reported Rabies Case Data in Europe from 1977 to 1986 1986_4
Bat Rabies in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1986_4
Epidemiological Analysis of Rabies Postexposure Vaccination in Humans in Poland with Data for 1985 1986_3
Information on Two International Conferences on Rabies 1986_3
Field Trial Areas of Oral Fox Vaccination against Rabies in Europe 1986_3
Imported Human Rabies Case in the Federal Republic of Germany (DEU) 1986_2
Bat-Rabies Cases in the Federal Republic of Germany (DEU) 1986_2
Present Human Rabies Vaccines and Neutralising Antibody Activity against the Bat-Rabies Strain DUVENHAGE recently isolated in Poland (POL), Denmark (DEN) and the Federal Republic of Germany (DEU) 1986_2
Joint WHO-German Green Cross Informal Discussion on Bat Rabies in Europe / Marburg, May 5-6, 1986 1986_1
Review of to the WHO Collaborating Centre, Tuebingen, Reported Rabies Case Data in Europe from 1977-1985 Usually Presented in this BULLETIN under 'Other Animal Species' 1985_4
Bat-rabies in Denmark (DEN) 1985_4
A Human Rabies Case in Finland Possibly of Bat Origin 1985_4
Bat-Rabies in Denmark 1985_3
Epidemiology and Ecology of Rabies in Bats other than Vampire Bats 1985_3
Human Rabies Diagnosed 2 Months Postmortem - Texas 1985_3
Rabies in the Tropics. The Conference Proceedings of the Tunis Conference, October 3-6, 1983 1985_2
Athens Pilot Survey on Socio-Cultural Aspects of Dog-Man Relation in Urban Areas 1985_2
Protection from Rabies by a Vaccinia Virus Recombinant Containing the Rabies Virus Glycoprotein Gene 1985_2
Report on the Concertation Meeting on the Control of Rabies in Europe - Strasbourg, January 3-4, 1985 1985_1
Rabies in Canada - 1984 1985_1
Review of to the WHO Centre, Tübingen, reported rabies case data in Europe from 1977-1984 1984_4
A Case of Human Rabies in Poland 1984_4
Racoon Dog Rabies in Poland 1984_4
WHO-Information - Concertation Meeting on the Control of Rabies in Strasbourg 1984_3
WHO-Information - WHO Expert Committee on Rabies, Seventh Report, 1984 1984_3
Systemic Allergic Reaction Following Immunization with Human Diploid Cell Rabies Vaccine 1984_3
WHO-Information - Guidelines for Dog Rabies Control - WHO Document VPH/83.43 1984_2
Report on a Workshop - Review of a Model of Rabies Control in Wild Foxes: The 'Ontario' Model 1984_2
WHO-Information - Report of an International Conference "Rabies in the Tropics", Tunis, 3-6 October 1983 1984_1
Rabies Surveillance in North America 1984_1
A Case of Canine Rabies in the Vendee , France 1983_4
Recent Developments on Human Anti-Rabies Vaccines 1983_4
The Wolf in the Epidemiology of Rabies 1983_3
Information on Rabies Meetings 1983_3
Information on WHO Consultations 1983_2
A Field Trial for the Oral Immunisation of Foxes against Rabies in the Federal Republic of Germany (DEU) 1983_2
Rabies Control in Canada, 1982-1983 1983_2
Imported Human Rabies - U.S.A. 1983_2
Information on WHO Consultations 1983_1
A Field Trial for the Oral Immunisation of Foxes Against Rabies in the Federal Republic of Germany (DEU) 1983_1
Informal WHO Discussions in Tübingen , Federal Republic of Germany (DEU) 1983_1
Human Rabies - Michigan, U.S.A. 1983_1
Racoon Rabies in the U.S.A. on the Increase 1983_1
Six Years of Rabies Data Collection - A Summary 1982_4
A New Case of Bat-Rabies in Germany (DEU) 1982_4
Information on WHO Consultations (On Monoclonal Antibodies) 1982_4
Types of Rabies Occurrence, Rabies Occurrence and Habitat and strategies for Wildlife Rabies Control 1982_3
Rabies in the United States of America, 1981 1982_2
Serological Testing Following Rabies Prophylaxis 1982_2
Rabies in Hong-Kong 1982_2
Erratum 1982_2
Oral Immunisation of Foxes Against Rabies 1982_1
Rabies in Greece, 1966 - 1980 1982_1
Human Rabies Acquired in Ruanda 1982_1
Erratum 1982_1
Annual Summary of Rabies in Europe, 1981 1981_4
Rabies Transmission Via Corneal Transplant 1981_4
The Cost of One Rabid Dog - California, U.S.A. 1981_4
Human Rabies Acquired in Ruanda 1981_4
Human to Human Transmission of Rabies via Corneal Transplant - Thailand 1981_3
Rabies Vaccine and Serological Testing 1981_3
Scientific Meeting on Animal Rabies, Nancy, June 1981 1981_3
Rabies in Man 1981_2
US Production of Duck Embryo Rabies Vaccine Discontinued 1981_2
Rabies in the Americas, 1970 - 1979 1981_2
WHO Consultation on Natural Barriers of Wildlife Rabies in Europe 1981_2
WHO Consultation on Natural Barriers of Wildlife Rabies in Europe 1981_1
Rabies in the United States 1980 1981_1
Rabies in Europe, 1980 1980_4
Rabies Incidence in the European Region, 1977 - 1980 1980_4
Rabies in Man: 1) Yugoslavia, 2) France, 3) Hongkong 1980_4
Rabies Vaccination in the Netherlands 1980_4
Rabies Prevention 1980_3
The Role of the Racoon Dog in the Epizootiology of Rabies 1980_3
Rabies in the United States, 1979 1980_3
Scientific Meeting on Animal Rabies, Nancy - Malzéville, France 1980_3
WHO Consultations on Cell Culture Rabies Vaccines and their Protective Effect in Man 1980_2
Problems of Natural Foci of Sylvatic and Arctic Rabies 1980_2
Rabies in Europe 1977-1980 1980_1
Post-Exposure Prophylaxis - France 1980_1
Human Rabies a) Austria b) Yugoslavia 1980_1
Modification of the Rabies Treatment Schedule for Persons Exposed to Rabies - Chile 1980_1
Suspected Vaccine-Induced Rabies in Cats 1980_1
Erratum 1980_1
Annual Summary of the Rabies Epizootic in Europe 1979 1979_4
Regional Differences of Rabies Occurrence in Austria 1979_4
Badgers and Rabies 1979_4
Human Rabies a) France b) Oklahoma, USA and Kentucky, USA 1979_4
Rabies in Skunks a) Rabies in pet skunks b) Rabies in wild 'pet' skunks 1979_4
Rabies in USR 1979_4
Rabies in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) 1979_3
Human Rabies - Yugoslavia 1979_3
Human Rabies - United States of America 1979_3
Rabies in Skunks - Arkansas, USA 1979_3
First Case of Rabies in Moose Reported in the United States 1979_3
Natural Barriers in Rabies 1979_3
Second Case of Human Rabies following Corneal Transplant - France 1979_3
Rabies in a Game Preserve in Rheinland-Pfalz (DEU) 1979_2
Rabies in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) 1979_2
Rabies in Colorado, USA, 1978 1979_2
Suspected Vaccine-Induced Rabies in Cats, Georgia, USA 1979_2
Human Rabies - Unites States 1979_2
Rabies Surveillance in Mexico and USA 1979_2
Annual summary of the rabies epizootic in Europe, 1978 1979_1
Rabies in non-European countries 1979_1
Rabies in man 1979_1
Pet' wild animals: a health hazard to man 1978_4
Detection of Antigenic Variants of Rabies Virus by Monoclonal Antibodies 1978_3
Live virus vaccine infections in dogs 1978_3
Fox Population Control and the 'Oral Concept' 1978_3
Annual Summary of Rabies in Europe, 1977 1978_2
Rabies in Egypt 1978_2
Surveillance of Rabies in Man 1978_2
Research on Oral Immunization of Wildlife Animals 1978_2
Erratum 1978_2
A new case of Human Rabies in Switzerland 1978_1
A case of Human Rabies in Poland 1978_1
WHO Informal Consultation on Reference Preparations and Potency Tests for Rabies Vaccines 1978_1
1976 Summary of Rabies in the Americas 1977_2
Rabies in Europe during 1975/1976 1977_2
An Imported Case of Human Rabies in the United Kingdom 1977_2
Human Rabies Deaths in Switzerland 1977_2
Rabies in a pre-immunized Laboratory Worker and Laboratory Safety Requirements 1977_2
Erratum 1977_2
Rabies in North America 1977_1
Human Laboratory Rabies 1977_1
Research Reports 1977_1
Human Diploid Cell Vaccine 1977_1
Rabies Meetings in Europe 1977_1