Year and quarter selection:
  • All species (except bats)
    • Domestic animals
    • Wildlife
    • Human cases
  • Bat
Layer name:
Symbol type:
Symbol size (3):
Symbol color:
Administrative boundaries:
Added map layers:
  • Zooms in on a selected rectangle.
  • Zooms out by factor 2 (2x).
  • Moves the map view to display adjoining areas.
  • Reloads the map.
  • Zooms to the default extent (overview).
  • Goes back to the previous map section.
  • Goes forward to the next map section.
  • Saves the map and corresponding legends as PNG-files. All image files will be compressed to a ZIP-file.
  • Clears and restarts the map view immediately.
  • Zoom to country:
  • Opens the tool that allows the user to add ORV areas as overlay to the map.
All tables, charts and maps are based on data provided by each country. Please inform the editor about incorrect data.